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Address: 168 Yu An Road, Shuo Fang, New District, Wuxi, Jiangsu, China 

Post Code: 214042

E-mail: Juan.zhang@buhlergroup.com

Contact person: Juan Zhang

Tel: (86) 510-8866 0766 

Fax: (86) 510-8866 0675  


Focus on Nutrition Enjoy your Healthy Life

  Our vision is that healthy food and balanced diets are available, convenient and affordable to everybody. 


A quality life comes of a quality staple food

  Our mission is to provide highest quality products that are affordable to all rice consumers. We promote and support health and nutrition education and awareness. We are constantly searching for sustainable solutions to improve current products and develop new products that meet the nutritional requirements of society. 


        We believe in quality, trust and fairness.
  We care for people, environment and society at large.
  We buy from trusted and reliable sources only.
  We aim for long-term relationship with our stakeholders.