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Address: 168 Yu An Road, Shuo Fang, New District, Wuxi, Jiangsu, China 

Post Code: 214042

E-mail: Juan.zhang@buhlergroup.com

Contact person: Juan Zhang

Tel: (86) 510-8866 0766 

Fax: (86) 510-8866 0675  

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Cooperative development

Buhler Food owns strong R&D team and complete extrusion production line to meet the customer’s specific requirements

Trials and Samples made in Buhler Food

  • Kernels (fortified rice kernel, multi grain kernel, etc.)
  • RTE (breakfast cereals)
  • Conveniet food (instant congee, instant rice, rice flour, etc.)
  • Snacks (energy bar, grain bar, grain beverage)



  •  Reduce investment in new equipment, lower production costs
  •  Adjust the scale of production timely
  •  Launch new products according to the market demand
  •  Products have stable quality
  •  Rigid quality control

OEM products:

  •  Nutrition additives:fortified kernels
  •  Cereal flour products: high fiber kernel, whole grain, multi-grain, etc.
  •  Puffed food: breakfast cereal, instant congee, instant rice, etc.