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Nutririce 32516353

Name: Nutririce 32516353
Name: Buhler Food (Wuxi) Co., Ltd
Model: 32516353

Shape: Medium grain

Color: Off-white


NutriRice® from Bühler Food

                                          ---- From Staple food to nutritious food

An annual investment in micronutrient programming of US$ 1.2 billion over five years would result in annual benefits of US$ 15.3 billion, representing better health, fewer deaths and increased future earnings.


Utilizing hot extrusion technology, Buhler Food developed fortified rice kernel made of natural rice with encapsulated micronutrients.

·         NutriRice is made of natural, non-GMO rice.

·          It looks, tastes and cooks like ordinary rice;

·         Hot extrusion technology permits customization to fortification profiles required by various international food regulations and aid agencies.

·         The nutrients embedded in the kernel are efficiently protected from external influences during washing and cooking and are therefore retained;


                              Code: 32516353                                            Picture of Usage

Code: 32516353

Shape: Medium grain

Color: Off-white

Raw Material:

Rice flour, VB1, VB3, VB12,  folic acid, iron, zinc

Addition Ratio: 1.0%

Cooking method:

1. Mix the kernels with natural rice with the addition ratio;

2. Cook the mixed rice as you always do at home


25kg compound kraft bag lined with PE bag

Shelf Life: 12 months

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