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Nutririce 32513639

Name: Nutririce 32513639
Name: Buhler Food (Wuxi) Co., Ltd
Model: 32513639

Shape: Medium grain

Color: Orange


NutriRice® from Bühler Food

                                          ---- From Staple food to nutritious food

An annual investment in micronutrient programming of US$ 1.2 billion over five years would result in annual benefits of US$ 15.3 billion, representing better health, fewer deaths and increased future earnings.

Nutrients retention during storage, washing and cooking

Compared with rice fortified by any other method, fortified rice kernel form Buhler Food has an excellent physical stability in which the added nutrients are retained in adequate amounts during storage, washing and cooking.


                         Code: 32513639                                                        Picture of Usage

Code: 32513639

Shape: Medium grain

Color: Orange

Raw Material:

Rice flour, VB1, VB3, VB12, β-carotene, folic acid, iron, zinc

Addition Ratio: 4.0%

Cooking method:

1. Mix the kernels with natural rice with the addition ratio;

2. Cook the mixed rice as you always do at home


25kg compound kraft bag lined with PE bag

Shelf Life: 12 months

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