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Low protein kernel

Name: Low protein kernel
Name: Buhler Food (Wuxi) Co., Ltd
Model: 22510301

Shape: Medium grain

Color: white


Low Protein Kernel for Chronic Kidney Disease Patients

In developed countries (such as the United States and the Netherlands), about 6.5%-10% of the general population are suffering from varying degrees of kidney malfunctioning.

Low-protein kernels are suitable for people that need to control their daily intake of protein and specifically the amino acid phenylalanine. By taking low protein kernels as their daily staple food, such patients can enjoy rice, feel sated and do not have to worry about their diet.



         Code: 22510301                                            Picture of Usage

Code: 22510301

      Shape: Medium grain

      Color: white

      Raw Material:

      Rice starch

      Addition Ratio: 100%

     Cooking method:

     Cook the kernel as you always do at home


     25kg compound kraft bag lined with PE bag

     Shelf Life: 18 months

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